You can purchase different Jali's works, depending on your needs and how much you intend to spend.

Oil paintings

are painted on woodboard, to obtain a smooth surface necessary for the old masters' technique that Jali uses for his works. All paintings are signed JALI, have a paintings'date and subsequent number. They are all framed. 

Drawings and illustrations

made with pencil (or crayons) on paper, they are frequently but not always projects or sketches for future compositions. Despite its sketchy style , they are highly finished and charming,  framed in passparout.  Some are also satirical, comics-like illustrations.


it is a new born technique of reproduction of a work based on the original item – a limited edition high quality signed prints. They are made in issues of 19 or 50 pieces, each is signed by the Artist and numbered (for ex. 3/19 means third of 19 issued). Giclee is a follower of lithograph or serigraph.

Custom orders and design projects

JALI is a creative artist and accepts as well commisions on portraits  and custom orders for  paintings, drawings, or design work depending on his time schedule, the approximate time of work on a new painting is up to two months after all terms have been  agreed. 

To learn more please contact the Artist through contact us.

Available works

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