Jacek Lipowczan signs his paintings as „JALI”. His art profits from his life experience and in reality resist classification. He refers to his style as visionary surrealistic-realism.

Jack Lipowczan is a rebellious and astonishing artist. He is a Wizard. In his specific way he presents his  fascinations, emotions and anxieties. His art is essentially of a ludic character.

Apart from the various situations in Europe, which ironically he comments on , he is intrigued by the nature of time - since antiquity, the problem of philosophers - and in a witty way he depicts in his paintings a journey - symbol of human life and a game with time and fate.

In his paintings, he combines opposing realities of the external world, the world of culture, as well as the internal world represented by his experiences, fantasies and dreams and what is significant, he adapts the poetics of the genres associated with popular art (satirical drawing, computer illustration, animated film) to his own needs, and thus subordinates the system of the popular culture values to the "high" culture.

The coherent visual systems contained in Lipowczan's metaphorical paintings do not seem to undergo semantic reinterpretation, but they are also a part of the system of the "high" culture.  NevertheIess I have the impression that the artist - as Rene Magritte said - wants to make  „thought visible through painting“.

A. Haegebarth

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