Jacek Lipowczan signs his paintings as „JALI”.

Jacek  Lipowczan  born in Istebna, South Poland, studied on the Academy of  Fine Arts in Cracow and graduated in 1976 obtaining his Master of Art Degree in the Grafic Design in the  atelier  of Professor M. Wejman.

Since 1981 JALI lives abroad,  initially in Sweden and then in Australia.  In  Sydney he designed scenes in the American Animated Films Studio Hanna Barbera for the different animated films i.e Smurfs, Lucky Luke etc.

After returning to Europe,  Germany he worked as a graphic designer, art director, creative director and an  illustrator in different advertising agencies and publishing houses.  

In 2004 he decided to focus exclusively on painting. In spite of today's art, where the avant-garde chases the avant-garde, the group of artists painting in a similar style to Jacek's  is more numerous from year to year. Jacek Lipowczan joins them and becomes a member of the international association -Society of Art of Imagination in London, whose honorary patron was the famous Austrian surrealist, the late Professor Ernst Fuchs. he is also a member of the "Visionary Art" group founded by Otto Rapp in Vienna.

Since then, JALI is actively involved in  the  artistic life. He has presented his works at exhibitions in Great Britain (among others in Mall Galleries, London), in Switzerland (Giger Museum in Gruyere), Germany, Austria (among others Fantastenmuseum, Vienna), Poland, France (among others trice in Salon d'Automne, Grand Palais, Paris), Italy, Denmark and the USA. His works were presented in albums published in Denmark -"Imaginaire"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, "Dante - the Divine Comedy", in Vienna - "Lexicon of Fantastic Artists", Fantart Publishing,AT, in Polen albums: "Polish Painting 2019", "Contemporary National Iconosphere" published by National Museum, "Tworcy Wizerunku Poloni" (Image-creators of Polish Expats")

Jacek's painting style can be described as realism - surealistic - fantastic, even though the subject matter of his paintings is profoundly based on contemporary social and political events. His paintings are  synthesis of the present day trends, be it Polish or international.

Jacek Lipowczan  also inspired and given idea to the bi-annual  exhibition "Magical Dreams" organized by Galeria Bator from Szczyrk,.  The exhibition takes place in a number of art galleries and museums in Poland, Austria and Germany.  There are always about 30 artists from Poland, Austria Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Ukraine and Russia invited to take part in this exhibion,